We have responded to 59 callouts in 2018

Callout Map 2018



Callout 59 - 3 October 2018

The team were called by farmer Richard Atkinson from the Wet Sleddale area reporting that his 2.5 year old working collie Fred (missing for 3 days) had been sighted in the ledges of Swindale Rocks as darkness was beginning to fall. Team members safely conducted a lengthy rope rescue of both (and a sheep) from the complex, overgrown ledge system. The sheep and Fred were none the worse for their adventure and Richard was delighted to see him back home for a cuddle and some food! 10 team members  4 hours.


Incident 58 - 11th September 2018

1100hrs The team were called by Wasdale MRT to assist with a search of the gullies leading off the Scafell range for a missing walker - this had been a major search involving a number of Lakes MR teams overnight but bad weather had hampered the search.  Penrith MRT were responding to the call with specialist water rescue technicians when the casualty was found by CoastGuard helicopter.  6 team members 50mins

Incident 57 - 7th September 2018

1420hrs The team were requested to assist Patterdale MRT in the evacuation of a casualty who had sustained a leg injury whilst descending from Grisedale Tarn.  The team assisted with the stretcher carry out and passed the casualty onto medical staff.  11 team members 2.5hrs

Incident 56 - 13 August 2018

1000hrs The team were contacted by Cumbria Police after a member of the public who had completed the Coast to Coast walk reported that they had found an unexploded shell in the vicinty of Orton Fell - they gave a rough Grid Reference of the shell. In order to assist the Police and potentially the Army bomb disposal team, Penrith team members searched the area surrounding the grid reference for the device. Nothing was found - although there were several exploded items of ordnance in the vicinity. No further action taken. 6 Team members 5 hours

Incident 55 - 12 August 2018

1530hrs The team were requested by Patterdale MRT to assist in the evacuation of a casualty who had sustained a disclocated shoulder in a fall near Grisedale Tarn - Patterdale team members were already dealing with another call at this time.  The team assisted with the stretcher carryout and passed the casualty over to waiting medical staff. 13 team members 2.5hrs

Incident 54 - 2nd August 2018

1830hrs The team were called out for the 3rd time that day (whilst still dealing with incident 53) - A family on walking the Pennine Way near Alston reported themselves as lost in thick mist and uncertain of the path.  Fortunately Deputy Team leaders were able to assist the family over the telephone to get them on to the correct track and back to their intended destination. 2 team members 30mins. 

Incident 53 - 2nd August 2018

16:30hrs The team were called by the NW Ambulance service to assist with the evacuation of a 16 year old who had taken a 30m fall down a very steep embankment near Armathwaite. The team assisted with immediate medical care and set up a technical rope system to bring the casualty up to the waiting ambulance for treatment at hospital. 10 team members 2.5hrs

Incident 52 - 2nd August 2018

0907hrs The team were contacted by Cumbria Police after a 999 call had been made, reporting sounds of shouting and possible domestic violence. Mosedale cottages were mentioned as a possible location and phone traced to that area. Mobile 1 and 2 tasked to drive up from Wet Sleddale with one Police officer to investigate. Nothing found. Further search down Swindle revealed nothing. 5 team members for 5.5 hours.

Incident 51 - 30th July 2018

1836hrs The team were contacted by Cumbria Police for an  elderly couple on Kidsty Pike who were unsure of location. They were tired and had no food. We could not use the Find Phone system as they couldn't turn on location services. They were fairly sure they were on Kidsty Pike. A deputy team leader talked to them and with reassurance they headed down to Haweswater. Another deputy team leader met them and walked them along lake shore. Contact made with hotel at Bampton Grange and they contacted the team when couple safely arrived there. 2 team members for 4.5 hours.

Incident 50 - 28th July 2018

1457hrs - The Police contacted the team to assist a group, where one of their party had injured his hip and was having difficulty continuing. We used our Find Phone system which put the party just south of Cross Fell. Due to the conditions on the Pennines, 6C with winds 47mph gusting to 58mph, the group were advised to try and continue moving slowly towards Great Dunn Fell.

The team met the party at the radar station and transported them back to their vehicles in Dufton. 

9 team members for 2 hours.

Incident 49 - 26th July 2018

1500hrs - The team were contacted by Patterdale MRT to support them on a callout for a 71 year old male who had fallen from Striding Edge. The team were stood down while deploying to the incident as a coastguard helicopter had managed to access the scene, winch the casualty and transport him to hospital.

Unfortunately he sustained fatal injuries in the fall, whilst taking part in an activity which he loved in great weather.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

9 team members for 30 minutes.

Incident 48 - 21st July 2018

18:40hrs The team were called to assist a cyclist who had crashed at speed descending the Great Dunn Fell road after hitting a sheep. The casualty was with a friend who stabilised him - a rapid response paramedic joined us at scene and treated the casualty for serious facial injuries and a fractured arm. The Great North Air Ambulance from Teeside evacuated the casualty to hospital and he has since undergone facial reconstructive surgery and is making a recovery at home. We pass on our best wishes to him.

12 team members 1 hour

Incident 47 - 20th July 2018

23:03hrs The team were asked to assist the police in the search for a missing man from the Warwick Bridge area.  Along with colleagues from Kirkby Stephen MRT and the team searchdog we carried out land and water searches within a 1km radius of the last known location of the missing person. Nothing was found however subsequently the missing man was located outside the area we searched the following day.

14 Penrith MRT members, 1 search dog, 8 Kirkby Stephen MRT members 6 hours

Incident 46 - 14th July 2018

14:09hrs The team were contacted by Patterdale MRT to assist in the rescue of a male experiencing chest pains near the Hole in the Wall on Hellvellyn.

The team responded - the casualty was treated at the scene by members of the Great North Air Ambulance and then trasnported from the scene by Coastguard Helicopter for hospital treatment.

9 team members 1 hour

Incident 45 - 12 July 2018

15:40hrs - The team were requested to assist a 70 year old male who had fallen on a rocky descent above Small Water.

On arrival the team were delighted to find that the gentleman had been assisted and kept company by reknowned British mountaineer (and Mountain Rescue Ambassador) Alan Hinkes.
the team splinted the casualty and set about a complicated lower over the very rough ground - we were assisted by colleagues from Kirkby Stephen MRT as the extraction was likely to be very lengthy.
We then transported the casualty to Penrith Ambulance Station for onward transfer to hospital.

Alan stayed with us for the extraction keeping the casualty entertained and also captured a few photos of us in action.

14 Penrith MRT 8 Kirkby Stephen MRT 6 hrs

Incident 44 - 6th July 2018

07:45hrs The team were asked to assist with transportation of emergency technical equipment (provided by local supplier Lyon Equipment) to Heathrow Airport to be sent out to Thailand to assist with the rescue of the football team trapped in a cave system. 

Two team members using the on-loan MREW Landrover Discovery collected equipment from various locations and were authorised to use emergency response driving to Heathrow - they were halted at Nottingham due to a change in plan being initiated following sudden weather deterioration in the local area of the cave meant that the rescuers did not have time to wait for the equipment.

We would like to pass on our sincere congratulations to all the volunteers and professionals who contributed to the rescue and to pay our respects to the Thai Navy Diver who lost his life during the course of the rescue.

2 team members 6 hours


Incident 43 - 1st July 2018

23:50hrs Cumbria Police contacted team to assist in location of a missing 40 year old male in Penrith area - later information suggested he was in the Glencoyne area and the call was passed to Patterdale MRT. 2 team members 30mins

Incident 42 - 1st July 2018

14:03hrs A 40yom was reported as missing from home with concerns for his welfare. The team conducted a search of the immediate area including waterways and the missing person was found by team members in a critical condition and treated at scene and was transported to hospital by ambulance for further treatment. 17 team members 1 search dog for 3 hours.

Incident 41 - 27th June 2018

13:59hrs A cyclist had crashed while descending from Great Dun Fell. He slipped on gravel, did not make the corner and went over his handlebars, injuring himself. He was treated at the scene then stretchered to air amblance for transfer to hospital. 9 team members for 2.5 hours.

Incident 40 - 26th June 2018

15:37hrs The team were requested to help a male who had suffered with heat stroke while ascending fromt The Rigg to High Street. He had walked with his brother from Hartsop to Haweswater and was on the return journey to their vehicle. He was treated with shade and lots of water before stretchering from the ridge to Haweswater where he was transferred to a Coastguard helicopter and on to hospital. 16 team members for 5 hours

Incident 39 - 23rd June 2018

14:03 The team were asked to help the ambulance service with a casualty who had fainted at the bottom of a 100ft embankment. He was moved to the road and a waiting ambulance. 11 team members for 3 hours.

Incident 38 - 22nd June 2018

12:22hrs The team leadership were contacted by the Police to send a SARLOC to try and locate a persons phone. SARLOC was sent but no further action was requested by the police.

Incident 37 - 9th June 2018

18:33 A female slipped on roots while walking near the river Eden just north of Armathwaite. The team treated her at the scene and had to haul the stretcher up a short vertical part of the river bank. She was then stretchered to a waiting land ambulance for transfer to hospital. 19 Team members for 3 hours

Incident 36 - 29th May 2018

14:30 The team were asked to assist Patterdale MRT on striding edge with a casualty who had badly sprained their ankle. Casulty was stretchered to Red Tarn and transferred off the hill by Helimed 58. 11 Team members for 4 hours.

Incident 35 - 27th May 2018

13:00hrs While the team were fundraising at Mardale Head with our pop up cafe, a fell runner who was completing a recce of the Lakeland 100 route slipped and injured his ankle. He was treated by the team and stretcher to the car park where the organisers of the event were arranging transport to hospital. 4 team members for 1 hour.

Incident 34 - 14th May 2018

11:42hrs The team were asked to assit the ambulance service with stretchering a patient with a suspected broken ankle from near the River Eden at Boothby, Brampton. She was moved to the road to a waiting ambulance. 8 team members for 2.5 hours.

Incident 33 - 2nd May 2018

01:00hrs The team were asked to support other LDSAMRA teams in searching for a missing fell runner. He was found and helicoptered to hospital where sadly they were unable to resuscitate him. 5 team members for 4 hours.

Incident 32 - 13th April 2018

12:35hrs Two people reported themselves lost in low mist/fog near Crosby Ravensworth Fell. The team deployed a land rover to drive some tracks and begin a search, the couple were found by the vehicle while the rest of the team were assembling. 10 team members for 4 hours.

Incident 31 - 7th April 2018

16:21hrs The team were asked to help a lady who had slipped and hurt her ankle approx 1.5kms from Mardale Head carpark. She was treated at the scene and stretchered to the road head and transfered to an ambulance. 15 Team members for 3.5 hours.

Incident 30 - 18th March 2018

14:26hrs The team were asked to assist Patterdale MRT with the rescue of a fallen skier approx 250m above Red Tarn. A Coastguard helicopter was en-route but it was unclear whether the conditions would make it possible to access the casualty. Team members ascended towards the casualty, luckily the helicopter was able to winch the casualty and evacuate him to hospital. 15 team members 2 hours. Plus Patterdale Team members who immediately went from this job to another on Great End to assist Keswick MRT.

Incident 29 - 17th March 2018

19:30hrs Kirkby Stephen MRT requested our assistance in evacuating 12 people stranded at Stainmore on the A66 due to the snow conditions. We were able to evacuate them to various local locations. 3 team members 5 hours (Plus KSMRT members)

Incident 28 - 5th March 2018

08:00hrs Team were asked to work alongside RAF Chinook team and Royal Marines delivering supplies, carrying out welfare and medical checks to a number of communities in the Alston, Stainmore and East Fellside areas. 1 team member 8 hours

Incident 27 - 4th March 2018

14:46 Team were asked to carry out welfare check at a remote farm near Ousby. Contact was made with occupants and all well. 6 team members 1 hour

Incident 26 - 4th March 2018

14:15hrs Team were asked to carry out welfare check in remote location near Ousby - team checked occupants were ok. 6 team members 1 hour

Incident 25 - 4th March 2018

14:12hrs The team were asked to assist the Cumbria Health On Call team to access a patient with breathing difficulties in a remote area of Ousby affected by snow.  The team attended scene - the CHOC Doctor had accessed the patient and we were stood down. 4 team members 1 hour

Incident 24 - 4th March 2018

14:19hrs Team were asked to attend to carry out a welfare check in the Orton area to a remote farm inaccessible by road - local team member attended and ascertained residents were all ok. 1 team member 30 mins

Incident 23 - 3rd March 2018

06:50hrs The team were called to assist an ambulance that was en-route to an emergency which became bogged down in a deep snowdrift.  The team dug the vehicle out and then had assistance from a local farmer with a tractor to get the vehicle back on its way.  4 Team members 2 hours

Incident 22 - 2nd March 2018

09:51hrs The team was asked to assist the ambulance service to access a guest staying at the Gilsland Spa Hotel who had run out of medication. The paramedic was unable to access the scene due to the heavy snow- team deployed immediately after another incident they were dealing with locally, but were stood down as they arrived. 2 team members 45 mins

Incident 21 - 2nd March 2018

14:18hrs The team were called to assist the ambulance service in the Hallbankgate area to reach a 74year old male who had passed out.  Access to the area was difficult due to the snow conditions. The team attended and assisted the St Johns crew who were on scene with extracting the patient to a road ambulance. 6 team members plus 4 members of Cockermouth team who were returning from another incident nearby - 1 hour

Incident 20 - 2nd March 2018

14:15hrs The team were asked to assist evacuate a dialysis patient from his remote home to treatment as he was unable to be accessed via normal patient transport due to snow - this was a Kirkby Stephen callout, but we were asked to attend as Kirkby were already busy with other incidents.  Shortly after the team deployed we were advised that a local farmer with a tractor had accessed the property and had transported him.  4 team members 20mins

Incident 19 - 2nd March 2018

10:13hrs The team were contacted by the local health team to assist them to access a patient near Bampton in a remote farm cutoff by snow who required palliative care.  Team members were joined by Patterdale MRT who were on standby at Penrith for the severe weather and transported the care team to the patient and returned them to Penrith hospital. 3 team members (Penrith MRT & Patterdale MRT) 3 hours.

incident 18 - 2nd March 2018

09:05hrs The team were asked to assist the ambulance service to access a vulnerable patient in the Forest Head area of Brampton. The patient's house was completely cut off by 10ft deep snow drifts. The team were able to get within 1 mile of the property and completed the rest of the journey on feet in particularly difficult conditions to deliver essential food and medical supplies. 4 team members 2 hours

Incident 17 - 2nd March 2018

00:23 Team were called to assist ambulance crew to gain access to property in Hallbankgate which was cut off. Patient exhibiting angina symptoms needing evacuation. Team had to dig the road out for approx 150m (deep snow drifts) whilst team member administered drugs for a suspected heart attack. The patient and her husband were both taken to meet up with a road ambulance to be admitted to Cumberland Infirmary where she was immediately treated for a heat condition and underwent quadruple by-pass surgery.4 team members 2 hours

Incident 16 - 2nd March 2018

00:22hrs Team were called to assist with an ambulance stuck en-route to a patient in deep snow near Hayton. The team were initially stood down after the vehicle was freed but contacted again whent he vehicle got bogged down further along the rural roads. The team made their way towards to the location, but were stood down after a local farmer freed the ambulance. 4 team members 45 mins.

Incident 15 - 1st March 2018

23:56hrs The team were asked to assist locate a train that had become stranded near Brampton in snow with the intention of possible evacuation of passengers - along with Cumbria Fire and Rescue and members of Cockermouth MRT who were on standby in Penrith to assist with severe weather events. The team were making their way towards the incident when the Police reported that the train had been located and passenger evacuation was being managed. 3 team members plus 4 Cockermouth team members 40 mins.

Incident 14 - 1st March 2018

23:45hrs The team were asked to assist Cumbria Fire & Rescue with one of their vehicles stuck in snow near Brampton en-route to a train incident. The team deployed to scene in 4x4s but were stood down on arrival as the fire vehicle had been freed. 4 team members 1 hour

Incident 13 - 1st March 2018

19:40hrs The team were called to assist the police checking abandoned vehicles on the A69 after a lorry had jack-knifed in heavy snow and concerns raised over welfare of vehicle occupants. The team were joined by members of Cockermouth MRt who were on standby at Penrith to assist with severe weather incidents. A stretch of the A69 east to Haltwhistle was checked. 3 team members plus 4 Cockermouth team members 2 hours.

Incident 12 - 1st March 2018

19:10hrs The team were called to assist a 79 year old male who had been stranded in his vehicle for approximately 7 hours in snow. He had attempted to walk but was unable to manage the snow conditions and had returned to his vehicle cold and wet. Team members from Penrith were supported by members of Patterdale MRT who had been on standby in Penrith for severe weather incidents. They located the gentleman and drove him to stay in Penrith for the evening. 3 team members 3 hours

Incident 11 - 1st March 2018

14:40hrs The team were called to assist Police Officers to access the scene of a serious Road Traffic Collision on the A6071 Walton Road. Officers were unable to access the scene due to the snow conditions. Team members were joined by Cockermouth MRT members who were on standby at Penrith to assist with severe weather events. The teams were stood down shortly after arriving at the scene. 5 team members (Cockermouth/Penrith MRT) 1.5 hours

Incident 10 - 1st March 2018

13:25hrs The team were asled to assist with transporting urgent medication to patients in Lazonby and Appleby who were cut off by snow. The team was joined by Cockermouth MRT colleagues who were on standby at Penrith MRT base to asssit with severe weather incidents. 5 team personnel (Penrith and Cockermouth MRTs) 2 hours

Incident 9 - 1st March 2018

10:20hrs The team were asked to assist with getting medical staff to a patient in the Swindale area who's house was inaccessible due to snow - team members were assisted by members of Cockermouth team who were on standby to asssit with the bad weather incidents. They were able to get the care team to the patient. 4 team members (including Cockermouth MRT) 2 hours 

Incident 8 - 1st March 2018

0915hrs The team were called to assist a French lorry driver who had become stranded overnight in his lorry near the Ski Area of Yad Moss on the A6277 in severe conditions and deep snow drifts - he had already been there for 24 hours. The team and members of Highways attempted to get to him - and took 6 hours clearing the route - at which point the wind and snow conditions were deemed too difficult to continue - the driver spoke very little english and we were lucky that our colleagues at Teasdale MRT had a native french speaker able to contact him and explain the situation. The team attempted to get out to him on 2 March and due to the dwindling food and the fact his heating fuel had run out, called a Caostguard helicopter to assist - they were unable to reach the scene due to the high winds and white out.  A local farmer eventually was able to get to the driver and he was finally bought to Alston after 60 hours. 6 team members for 8 hours (plus members of Teasdale, Weardale and Swaledale teams, and Rescue 199 Coastguard Helicopter)

Incident 7 - 28 February 2018

1120hrs The team were called to assist with getting medical supplies to a 78 year old lady who had been cut off in the Garigill area due to the snow conditions. A small number of team members and a 4x4 went to her location but were stood down as they were en-route. 2 team members 1 hour.

Incident 6 - 27 February 2018

0100hrs The team were called to assist a couple with a small child who had been travelling towards Cockermouth having left London earlier in the day. The A66 diversions were in place and they had accidentally taken the fell road - there had been heavy snowfall whilst they were driving and they were unable to continue. Two team members attended them in a 4 wheel drive vehicle and got them back to the A66 and back on to a passable route to continue their journey. 2 Team members 1 hour.

Incident 5 - 26 February 2018

14:10hrs The team were contacted to assist Patterdale MRT with a fallen male 300m above Ruthwaite Lodge in the Grisdale Valley. He had sustained arm and pelvic injuries. The team worked alongside Patterdale MRT to provide patient care and he was airlifted from the scene by Coastguard Helicopter. 16 team members 2.5 hours

Incident 4 - 23th February 2018

16:06 - The team were contacted by NWAS to assist with access to a canoeist who had fallen and injured her leg. The group she was with had moved her to the bank, air ambulance arrived on scene and the team helped move the casualty to a waiting ambulance. Once the casualty had left scene the team helped get all the canoes and paddlers back to the road and to the vehicles. 13 team members for 4 hours.

Incident 3 - 28th January 2018

13:10 - The received a call from Patterdale MRT for assistance, as most of their team were on winter training in Scotland. The Helvellyn fell top assessor had heard shouts of help from the Striding Edge area. He had checked but could not find anything, just incase a response to the ridge was needed we mobilised the team and started to drive to the area. After further checking it was decided to stand the rescue down. 11 team members for 1 hour.

Incident 2 - 27th January 2018

16:15 - The team were contacted by Patterdale MRT. Most of their team were winter training in Scotland and the callout might require assistance. A couple who got stuck and cold while decending Striding Edge, they were assisted by some passing mountaineers, who eventually guided them to safety. The team were stood down while driving to the area. 14 team members for 1 hour.

Incident 1 - 15th January 2018

The team were asked to support Wasdale in searching the central fells for a missing man from the Leeds area. We searched the area around Great end to Esk Hause, with nothing found. The man was found the following day, stuck in boggy ground and quite cold, but alive. 6 team members for 8 hours.

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